Friday, August 7, 2009

Spirit pictures, Ghosts and more!
Oh my God you guys, as you all know, my web site has been grossly out dated, and after 4 years of knocking my head against the wall, and me finally giving it up to God... Literally, this is not a laughing matter, you should have heard our conversation!...I was mad... I finally said Look Dude,( That is short for God), I just can't do this anymore, the people I'm picking haven't been successful in helping me with my web site, and not only that, the last guy I picked actually walked off with my money, and did not provide me with the web site he promised, (and Yes in answer to your question, I did hear the spirits say "don't go with him "), but I was desperate, so I went with this guy any way, after all I am still human you know that ship happens!...So anyhow, on that very morning I was finally giving it up to God after throwing my hands up in the air, frustrated, not knowing which way to turn... Telling him that he needs to send me somebody that I can trust and work with, well, it’s either that or I'm just going have to go with a cheap web site provided by my web hosting company, Blaa! I really didn’t want to do that!
Well, the very next caller, my client was a wonderful woman, with questions about her career... with curiosity getting best of me, as I couldn't see exactly what she was doing for work, outside of the fact that she was highly creative and GREAT at what she does, I finally asked her what she did, and well, the rest is history!That morning I met Dr. Lisa, the web site Doctor, soif your web site is sick, or needs some TLC she'll fix it for you right away, just give her a call, or she'll even create a new one for you just like she did fir me!
Here’s her info Email:
Phone: 608-223-9919
So I hope you all love it!My new and improved web site will be unveiled in roughly about 2-3 weeks!Yea!So, what I wanted to tell you guys about my spirit photo Gallery was when I gathering my spirit photos for the web site , you should see just how many spirit photos I have and not only that, there are things on my photographs, that even I haven't seen before!
Unbelievable!I can't wait to show them all to you, Love you all,
And PS remember if any of you have any spirit photographs, that you’d like to share with me, just e-mail them to and put “spirit photograph” in the subject line, along with your number so we can talk about it…
See you soon, Jorianne

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